WHY deliver an Onboarding program?

More than 25 percent of the working population has a career change each year. A new employee will determine in the first three weeks if they have made the right decision to join the organization. Unfortunately, most on boarding programs go something like this:

“Welcome to the organization, here is your desk, the coffee is down the hall, your computer will arrive in two weeks and you report to John. Good luck”

Effective Onboarding into the organization is often neglected or non-existent. Organizations that put little thought into onboarding are more likely to have higher turnover, lower employee satisfaction, and suffer from disjointed and inconsistent practices. As one of the most important functions of both HR and management, onboarding is frequently overlooked and left to whomever the new employee will report to. An effective onboarding process can help to ensure that the new hire has a clear understanding of their role and the organization.


RPMP designs and delivers cutting edge On Boarding programs. We pay special attention to helping new employees understanding the culture, values and behaviors of the organization. This grounds them in a shared experience and creates a sense of community.

We work on a specific four-step engagement model that works all the time, every time.

Engage, Inspire, Align and Enable

1. Engage them with cutting edge facilitation techniques
2. Inspire them with the organizations story
3. Align them behind the Culture and Values
4. Enable them with knowledge of role and function

Long-term outcomes of strong onboarding include:

1. An understanding of culture and community
2. Role, function & organization clarity
3. Increased productivity
4. Longer-term commitment
5. Higher SOW scores
6. Less talent turnover

Participants walk away feeling not only valued & motivated but with the correct toolbox to perform. On-boarding