RPMP has a proven reputation for accelerating outcomes in leadership, team development, engagement, alignment and Inspiration. We engage 100% of the audience all the time, every time. No two clients are the same, so we will not force fit an approach. That’s is why we offer a unique Tool Kit.


By working with teams to tap into what inspires and motivates them, we provide skills for collaboration that help people work together for collective success. We help your team stay on route to the top.

Our key point of difference is the fact that we don’t just talk about it, we do it. Every member of our team has achieved success by overcoming adversity and managing constant change. Some of these achievements include reaching the summit of Mt Everest, leading teams on safari in the African bush and surfing the biggest waves on the planet.

Explore The Tool Kit:

Amazing Facilitation

We have developed a set of best practice facilitation techniques that achieve results in any situation, from board rooms to large scale conference events.
We use these techniques across all our offerings, including Simulations, Skills Workshops & Interactive Keynotes.

High Impact Simulations

Our behavioral simulations use adventure themes to frame the experience and relate back to the business issues, while providing an engaging experience for the audience.

Keynote Speaking

Stories define who we are as humans. They connect us to each other, engage our emotions, and inspire us into action. They tell our history, share our knowledge, and shape our future.

We collaborate with you to create effective and compelling experiences.

On Belay