Sustainable Success - Seven Summits keynote and workshop

Would you like your team to know the keys to sustainable performance over multiple projects?


Rex is captivating and extremely motivational.” Hewlett Packard

Sustainable Success is the inspiring story of Rex Pemberton’s record breaking climb of the Seven Summits (highest mountain on every continent).
Mixing storytelling with dramatic video, Rex takes the audience on a captivating journey that demonstrates the power of:

  • Sustainable performance over multiple projects
  • Balancing risk with reward
  • Having unyielding perseverance

With Mt Everest underneath his crampons, Rex raised a second round of funding to complete his quest to climb the highest peak on every continent of the globe.

He faced numerous challenges on each mountain as he forged his way to the summits. Not only did Rex overcome these challenges, he provided significant Return on Investment to his sponsors honoring his agreements to become the third youngest person in the world to complete the quest.