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Building and maintaining high performance teams is a critical requirement for any organization. We use our own adventure content and proven business methodology to develop simulations teams that deliver sustainable results.

Everest uses the backdrop of the Himalayas and the changing world of climbing in a dynamic program that helps leading businesses:

    What Our Clients Say:

    “Thank you for a truly inspiring day! The impact you guys have had on our people will carry forward and permeate the organization long beyond yesterday, as we set out as a team to lead Liquidnet towards the summit of our new vision.”
    Todd Cherches, Liquidnet Holdings Inc, New York

    About Everest

    Everest is an interactive Virtual Adventure. During a Virtual Adventure, business teams are challenged with real life scenarios that our facilitators have filmed while climbing Mt Everest. These scenarios, combined with spectacular footage, personal stories and expert facilitation, provide powerful learning experiences.

    Everest features a video-based chronology of events as they unfolded for facilitator and keynote speaker Rex Pemberton, on his climb of Everest in 2005.

    How the Program Works

    The primary objective of Everest is for multiple teams to come together as one expedition, in order to reach the summit of the world’s highest peak and return safely. There are three main parts of the program: Set Up, Base Camp and Summit.

    During the Set Up stage each team has to establish a set of Guiding Principles, appoint a leader and agree on a decision making process. Then the entire room has to align and agree on a Guiding Company they will join for their expedition to Everest.

    In the Base Camp and Summit stages, these principles and team alignment are tested by a series of video based scenarios that will challenge and ultimately unite all the teams.

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