“To stand Above The Clouds” - Everest Documentary


During the three months on Everest, Rex filmed his whole expedition and developed a broadcast quality documentary of his ascent. He is hoping to have it launched on national television.

The documentary follows Rex's journey as he works towards turning a dream into a reality. Whilst addressing the inherent dangers of his quest, it also focuses on the positives. It is a very personal story that gives people a view into his world as unique young adventurer. He shares with emotional honesty, the highs and lows that eventually lead to his ultimate triumph. The documentary will touch your heart, and inspire you to achieve your Everest. With a large media following, and sponsors providing the $100,000 for the climb, the pressure was on to summit. Weighed up with the promise he made to himself and his loving family to return home safely. For every decision Rex made, he had to consider risk versus reward and how much danger it would put him in. It is an exciting, emotionally charged, dramatic and motivational documentary.

A fantastic way to keep your staff inspired after a memorable conference or event. DVD’s are available for purchase, please email Rex at