About Rex Pemberton

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Rex Pemberton is the founder of RPMP.

Rex partners with senior executives, people managers and project teams to deliver high impact customized leadership and team development.

In this capacity he has helped organizations all over the globe to deliver memorable programs that consistently deliver return on investment.

He has partners with clients in four specific areas:

- Leadership development
- Team alignment
- Attracting, on boarding and retaining key talent
- Fear, courage & Inspiration

Rex offers a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from a professional history spanning nine years of corporate development, facilitation and keynote speaking. He has delivered over 700 presentations across all 7 continents!

His client list includes:

- BlackRock
- Hewlett Packard
- Panasonic
- Seagate Technologies
- Siemens

As an adventurer Rex is one of the world’s best, breaking countless world records across a wide platform of adventure sports. Most notably, in December 2006, Rex made history by becoming the youngest Australian to climb the highest mountain on all seven continents! That includes the Summit of Mt Everest!

Originally from Sydney Australia, Rex now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.

rex presenting

Rex is possibly the only presenter in the world to completed presentations on all 7 continents.